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At Beautiful Smiles, we provide oral surgery that brings health and happiness to our Auburn patients. We use the safest and most effective surgical techniques to provide unparalleled service and produce successful results. Whether you are in need of a wisdom tooth extraction, or a full set of dental implants, Dr. Nangle and Dr. Ohnezeit can provide the treatment you need. Contact our Auburn practice today to schedule a consultation.

Our Philosophy

At Beautiful Smiles, we understand that your oral health and overall health are directly connected. We approach our oral surgery with the goal to improve your smile and your quality of life. As with any surgical procedure, oral surgery can pose some risks, but Dr. Nangle and Dr. Ohnezeit go to great lengths to make you feel comfortable, educate you on your treatment, and walk you through the recovery process. We will spend quality time with you during a pre-surgical consultation to discuss surgical techniques, anesthetic options, and at-home care instructions. If you have any questions or concerns, this appointment is a great time to address them.

The Services We Provide

Tooth Extraction- “…it’s like pulling teeth!”

Few people look forward to having a tooth extraction.  Why should they when the most common term is ‘pulled’ and there are sayings like the one above- used daily?

At Beautiful Smiles, we understand that certain treatments can create fear and anxiety.  Furthermore, tooth loss can create trouble with enjoying meals, fears of smiling/laughing, and speaking in public.  Unfortunately, tooth extraction is sometimes necessary.  Our goal at Beautiful Smiles is to make a typically bad situation much better.  First, we will cover the treatment options available to replace the esthetics and function of a missing tooth.  Secondly, we are prepared to provide you with a comfortable and pain-free experience during your extraction.  This can mean nitrous (laughing) gas, conscious sedation, and anxiety controls utilized for the most comfortable experience for our patients.  We are always available 24/7 through our on-call services to handle any questions or concerns after your surgery.  Lastly, we will follow up after your surgery to begin the process of restoring your Beautiful Smile.

Our dentists are proficient and trained for many oral surgery procedures including extraction of baby teeth to surgical extraction of wisdom teeth.

Dental Implant Placement

Dental implants are one of our most commonly performed restorative dentistry treatments, and Dr. Nangle and Dr. Ohnezeit have been perfecting the implantation procedure for many years. Dental implants are strong titanium screws that are surgically placed deep within the jaw to replace natural tooth roots. Once the jaw has healed around the implant (a process called osseointegration), it will be restored using natural-looking dental crowns, bridges, or dentures. If you have severely damaged or missing teeth and need to restore the structure and function of your jaw, implants may be the perfect solution.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Your mouth is only made to hold 28 teeth, so when four extra teeth, called the wisdom teeth, come in behind your molars, it can be painful. The eruption of wisdom teeth – the four extra molars that appear during adolescence – may cause a malocclusion, bacterial infections, or gum disease, so it is important to assess your mouth and the position of these extra teeth to determine if they should be removed to avoid long-term problems. Early evaluation and prompt treatment will help us ensure that the outcome is successful, and we suggest that your wisdom teeth are first evaluated during your mid-teenage years.

Root Canal Therapy

When the pulp of the tooth has been damaged by decay or infection, a root canal can save a tooth from extraction. During this treatment, we will remove the pulp, bacteria, and decayed nerve tissue from the tooth, thoroughly clean the emptied chamber and fill it with a sealer paste to protect the tooth from further damage. We may need to restore the treated tooth with a dental crown to prevent it from breaking, and to restore its full function.

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