Root Canals

What is a Root Canal?  Why do I need it?

Beautiful Smiles providers are trained and experienced in endodontic treatment from simple root canals to complex endodontic treatment including: root canal retreatment, root amputation, apicoectomy.  

Please check out the videos in our patient education section for an illustration of the root canal procedure. 

A root canal is removal/debridement of the dental pulp and cooresponding tissue inside the root and crown of the tooth.  Once removed the canal or canals are shaped and sealed.  It is common but not always indicated that a crown or full coverage restoration is needed to properly protect and/or seal the top portion of the tooth.  The process of a root canal can be very quick or take several appointments depending on the clinical situation.  Our providers will review your case and explain in detail the treatment and restorative options before any treatment is provided.  A common misconception is this procedure is very painful.  By utilizing local anesthesia properly, a root canal should be as pain free as a filling.  We assess all patient's comfort and dental anxiety before all procedures, and sedation options are always available for our patients.  

Why do I need it?  Sadly there are times due to large cavities, tooth pain, infection, tooth fracture that a root canal is needed.  A root canal procedure should be pain free and it's goal is to restore the tooth to proper function and esthetics.


Endodontic Treatment Videos